Kraus Yerba Mate is made by a unique drying system, created and implemented by Juan Angel Kraus. This system consists of flowing warm air, produced by indirect heat that comes from a boiler. This system enables us to provide you with a smoke-free product, boasting mild flavors and a delicate aroma.
We invite you to discover the healthy ritual of drinking Kraus Yerba mate with friends, an organic and smoke-free product. Experience the difference.
Kraus Yerba Mate is an organic product, free of chemicals, produced in an agro-ecological manner. We promote biodiversity in crops and natural processes such as pest control and nutrient recycling.

Once harvested, Kraus yerba mate is processed by a single system that produces smoke-free yerba. We follow the principles of Fair Trade as well: we do not use child labor; we promote safe workplaces and appropriate hygiene; we give equal opportunities to both men and women; and we guarantee workers a fair wage.

In addition, Kraus workers receive a percentage of the profits, and in a democratic assembly they decide the destiny of that money.