The wonderful drink made with water and the dry leafs of Tea Tree is the drink most consumed all over the world aftwe water.
Kraus Tea awake your senses, push your soul up and it makes you enjoy a nice moment.
The cultivation of Kraus tea is a chemical-free, organic and agro-ecological process. Kraus production promotes biodiversity in crops and natural processes, such as pest control and nutrient recycling. The young leaves are harvested mechanically using Kraus machinery. Pockets of freshly picked tea leaves are taken to the Kraus dryer where they are processed into black and green teas. Green tea undergoes a different process from black tea, the fermentation (oxidation of enzymes by wet heat) is suppressed, which in turn prevents the color transformation from green to dark reddish brown—the result is young leaves that retain their natural color.

The Kraus Family business adheres to the principles of Fair Trade, according to which child labor is strictly forbidden; workplace health and safety is promoted; equal opportunities for men and women are promoted; and workers are guaranteed a fair wage. In addition, Kraus workers receive a percentage of the profits and they decide, in a democratic assembly, just how that money will be used.